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The Best Learning Experience

at no cost to your school!

If you are a teacher or student in year six in Erewash and the surrounding areas, join the competition and win a prize!

Why Participate in Millitec Media Starz?

The Best Learning Experience
at no cost to your school!

Year six students in Erewash and the surrounding areas will have the opportunity to interact directly with professional equipment and enjoy hands-on experience supported by experienced staff from Millitec and Erewash Sound.

In addition to developing confidence and teamwork, the project can be tailored to link with your school curriculum, supporting the development of skills in:

Speaking & Listening
Creative Writing
Personal & Social Skills
Skill Development

Students can develop new skills and knowledge using advanced sound equipment and professional guidance.


Students can explore their creative potential by creating their own radio show.


Collaboration is key as students work together in teams to produce sound media.

Showcase Opportunity

Students’ creations will be broadcast on the Erewash radio show and shared within the school community, as well as with parents and carers.


Submit a Proposal

Send us a creative voice note (up to 3 minutes) proposing your radio show ideas focusing on any food-related topic. The top 10 submissions will win a Studio-in-a-Box, and their proposals will be produced and aired.



We will be visiting the 10 winning schools to host a fun and exciting learning session. Industry professionals will collaborate with students and staff to provide hands-on experience in radio production.
Students will be able to create their own radio shows about food and learn more about food technology. The shows created by students will be broadcast on Erewash Sound.


Vote for Your Favourite

Each show produced by the ten selected schools will be played on air, judged and voted on by the listeners of Erewash Sound.
Millitec has prepared prizes for the winners: The winning school will receive £1,000 in cash funding, with two additional prizes of £500 each for the Best Idea and Best Performance.
We hope winning schools will use their prize money to support the development of creativity in their curriculum.

key dates 2024/25


Entry (Voice Note Submission)16th September – 6th December 2024
Announce 10 Schools for Studio in a BoxDecember (Before Christmas) 2024
Studio in a Box (half-day session)January 2025

Entry Deadline

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