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Facebook UK Adsales has changed its address, plus Twitter Ad Sales contact info too has been added elsewhere on the site (click the link for that).


However, scroll down to see the post on Facebook London team wanting annonymity and all contact to be made via Ireland office here - (if you still need Facebook Ads help or space bought then Jon & Nick can help here at Space & Time Media)

Here’s the generic Facebook ad support email address:


Advertisers can also use this link to get in touch with the Ad Team



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And hot on the heels here is the Bebo contact = Dominic Tillson | UK Sales Manager | | 71 Broadwick Street, 3rd Floor London, W1F9QY | T: +44 (0)207 4780 309 | F: 0207 526 2191 (efax) |

Now let's see if anyone has MySpace...

YouTube is looked after by Google, shout if you need a contact there.

Cheers, Jon
Hi Jon

Even though we have various contacts at Google (on the SEO / SEM side of things as we do specialist Search Engine Optimisation work for big corporates, often on behalf of partners such as Marketing and other SEO firms) my role is more of a marketing / partner one and Google are very difficult to get into with new ideas....and contacts you have would be most welcomed

Best regards

Mark Howe their Country Sales Director who's been there for nearly 3 years has always been very helpful in past ventures, I don't have his number but here's his Linked-in
Dom has now left - only recently - and says to contact Michelle. Problem is that Michelle has also just left! Her OOO says this:

I am no longer with Bebo, but in my absence you can contact the
following for assistance:

Account queries - Jen Tao
Tel: +1 415-243-4812

Standard Display Advertising - Vivien Choi, Yahoo!

I've sent emails to both but yet to get response for our latest campaign :-(
Okay, anyone got the secret number for MSN Ad Sales in the UK? I'm without my little black book and it's nigh on impossible to find a UK telephone number or any number for that matter.

Once on their switchboard they still can't seem to connect me to a MSN ad sale person - 0800 456700 - Option 1 got me a timed out voice message, option 0 got me switchboard who then gave me repeatedly different vioce message operators.

A name and number would be appreciated anyone viewing here please.
Just to let everyone know and all those who find this page's helpful details by Google search where we rank top, I've changed Facebook UK's address and contact details at the top today after being alerted by them of their weekend move.

For any other ad-sales businesses or indeed media companies out there that isn't easy to find on the Net for their contact details, especially when you want to talk to a real person, not some contactus@ email that never gets replied to, and boy there are so many in the UK it's frightening, feel free to start discussions with your name, address, contact details on and like Facebook you'll find Google et al search engines making you visible to potential new customers and clients.

It's a byproduct of the good ranking the site's achieved and a helpful service to other media people, so please use professionally.

Cheers, Jon
Am in need of contacting an MSN sales person again about rates for banners and skys on Facebook, but alas their telephone switch board is as ever not up to scratch.

Has anyone got an MSN sales contact, email or direct telephone number please...?

You'd think they'd make it easy to spend money with them wouldn't you. Always amazed at how many large websites suppress the need to add helpful and up to date contact details.

At least my Facebook contact details above help them get many calls about new business. Perhaps any other ad sales people would like to add their details on new discussions with their business name in the title. This page is ranking top of Google for Facebook Ad Sales so it woudl be very worth it.
After a couple of years and many advertising requests to Facebook from visitors here, as this page comes top of any Facebook Ad Sales google searches, with which Facebook has no doubt done great business from they asked me to take off their London contact details as they wish people to go to their Irish based offices instead if you need some information or help in sorting out a Facebook advertising issue or want to book some space.

But as we know them so well and carry out hundreds of campaigns with them please send your Facebook enquiries to or and we'll happily help you out and sort out your advertising needs with Facebook for you.

We are not going to hide so feel free to call us on 01737 226100 Space & Time Media Ltd

(Those on this site know its a pet peeve of mine that large adsales organisations for years make it very difficult to call or contact a named person and so it was refreshing Facebook were so nice and helpful and open, pity they changed, but we'll help and talk to them for you.)



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